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Columbia Law Prof. John Coffee interviews SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson

Commissioner Jackson dissented in a partisan 3-2 vote at the SEC on proposed proxy solicitation rules that he says will make it easier for CEOs to spend shareholder money. Professor Coffee questions the commissioner about new practices in short selling, the failure of the WeWork IPO, and whether the SEC has the right to seek disgorgement for violations of SEC regulations.

The interview was conducted at Columbia Law School, November 15, 2019, for the podcast of the Blue Sky Blog, an offering of the school’s Center on Corporate Governance, which Professor Coffee directs. Blog editor Ren Holding introduces the podcast.

Right after the podcast went public, Jackson made news when his NYU Law students urged him to remain at the SEC, “worried that his departure would give the agency’s Republicans even more power to push a pro-Wall Street agenda.”

Produced by John Metaxas , Columbia Law ’84, WallStreetNorth Communications, Inc.