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James Marketos, Esq. on “Why We Remember Smyrna”

American Hellenic Institute PODCAST #2: AHI board member James Marketos, Esq., recounts a genocide taunt by Turkish soccer fans this year and speaks on the importance of remembering the Smyrna Catastrophe of 1922 and the need to hold Turkey to account for the destruction of the Christian population of the city. Marketos’s remarks, which served as an introduction to a talk by Georgetown Professor Ismini Lamb in Washington, D.C. on October 4, 2019, are juxtaposed to the audio from a production by, “The Destruction of Smyrna.”

Lamb delivered her talk on “Correcting Three Misconceptions about the 1922 Catastrophe in Smyrna” to a packed house at AHI’s headquarters in Washington.