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We’ve Launched The Sidley Podcast

For the past three months it’s been my pleasure to work with Sidley Austin to help launch The Sidley Podcast.

As Executive Producer, it’s been my role to help the firm develop and execute the concept working closely with Samir Gandhi, the managing partner of Sidley’s New York office, who serves as podcast host.

The podcast’s mission is to “tackle cutting edge issues in the law and put them in perspective for business people today.”

We’ve delved into diverse topics: the new era of corporate governance, the implications of Brexit for businesses in the U.K., and the role blockchain technology is playing in changing the way business is conducted.

Working with Sidley has given me an opportunity to step away from my on-air role to play an executive role, working with their team of talented marketers, editors and web designers. I am proud of the whole team and what we’ve been able to create in a short amount of time. 

Sidley is committed to the podcast as a vital part of its communications effort, and I look forward to continuing to work with Sidley to produce the highest quality law podcasts. 

The Sidley Podcast is available at, on the Apple Podcasting app and on several other podcasting platforms.

John Metaxas

WallStreetNorth Communications, Inc.