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3. Blockchain: Poised to Transform Business

Rarely, if ever, is there a new development that has the potential to make us rethink how we transact and communicate with each other. As the development of the internet changed our day-to day-lives, blockchain technology similarly has the ability to change how business and everyday commercial transactions are being done across industries. This emerging technology represents more than just an incremental improvement in business practices: It promises – or maybe threatens – to disrupt how we do business. What is blockchain (1:50), how will it affect the way we communicate and transact with each other (8:25) and why are cryptocurrencies being used in conjunction with this technology (16:52)? We get answers to these questions on this episode of The Sidley Podcast. Podcast host and Sidley partner Sam Gandhi speaks with Lilya Tessler, a partner in our New York office, who focuses her practice on the corporate and regulatory aspects of blockchain technology. (22 min.)

Executive Producer: John Metaxas, WallStreetNorth Communications, Inc.