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7. High Times for the Cannabis Business

The cannabis business is booming. Social acceptance of marijuana has led jurisdictions to legalize its sale and use for both medicinal and recreational reasons. Companies see enormous business opportunities in it. But marijuana is still illegal under federal law. And the political landscape about its regulation is complicated. What should companies know about the opportunities and risks to participating in the market? Our latest episode of The Sidley Podcastgrapples with that question and many others. Join host and Sidley partner Sam Gandhi as he speaks with one of Sidley’s thought leaders on cannabis — James Cole, the former deputy attorney general of the United States, where he was the primary author of the “Cole Memo,” a Justice Department memorandum regarding the enforcement of the federal laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of marijuana. Jim is also the global co-leader of Sidley’s White Collar: Government Litigation and Investigations practice. Jim and Sam address what businesses can do in anticipation of the challenges and opportunities posed by this market.

Executive Producer: John Metaxas, WallStreetNorth Communications, Inc.