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9. COVID-19 Places Corporate Social Responsibility in Sharp Relief

  • jcm1980
  • June 12, 2020
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Two distinct and important trends have emerged in the COVID-19 era for businesses and their boards. Corporate social responsibility and expanding concerns about social justice have become amplified amid the pandemic. Added to this is that investors and Delaware courts are focusing on the role of boards of directors in oversight. The courts are now allowing claims for failures in oversight to be litigated. How has the virus affected these trends and how can boards prepare? Our latest episode of The Sidley Podcast grapples with those questions and many others. Join host and Sidley partner Sam Gandhi as he speaks with one of Sidley’s thought leaders on governance and the risks for boards — Holly Gregory, co-chair of Sidley’s global Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation Practice and president of the American College of Governance Counsel. Holly and Sam address what businesses and their boards can do in anticipation of the challenges and opportunities posed by the current landscape.

Executive Producer: John Metaxas, WallStreetNorth Communications, Inc.