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Understanding Trump 30 Years Ago

My work as a young producer at ABC News

In 1990, as a reportorial producer at ABC News, I was assigned to work with an investigative correspondent, Allan Dodds Frank. I produced this report with Allan after months of research into Donald Trump’s finances. The day it aired, April 2, 1990, Trump called ABC News President Roone Arledge to complain and left a profane message on Allan’s voicemail. Roone blew off Trump’s request to play golf, and Allan, to his later regret, eventually erased the message. Allan and I produced several more reports together and later shared an office at CNN, where I was an anchor and correspondent from 1994-2001.
John Metaxas, then a correspondent with CNBC, with other reporters outside a meeting of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission as Donald Trump enters for his hearing — circa 1992.